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credits: Exodus — Sparth

Excuse me, doctor, do you have a moment?
Hi, Jenny, your first night shift, right?
How is it going so far?
It’s going well, coffee keeps me awake.
Not much going on tonight, isn’t it?
Yes, nothing serious. A quiet night. There’s just this gentleman in Exam 4…
What’s wrong?
The thing is that I’m not sure… No physical trauma, vitals are stable. Someone found him unconscious.
Do you have a chart?
Yes, right here.
Not much in here. Did you try to speak to him?
Yes, but he won’t talk to me. He seems a bit distressed. …

concept art by Ben Nicholas — Finestcruise-01–1
concept art by Ben Nicholas — Finestcruise-01–1

It was the year 2446. The Earth had grown into an unrecognizable thing. Wars changed, they were no more with guns and bombs. Weapons were money and products. Local violent conflicts were surpressed by technology. The increase in the population was fast and steady, so fast that it led us to colonize the oceans, space on near orbits and surrounding planets. But even that wasn’t enough. That’s when we started looking for an alternative world. It’s in our nature: for centuries men navigated in search of new continents. As cliché as it may sound, history repeats itself.

Near planets like Mars didn’t satisfy us though, life there wasn’t as pleasant and bright as on Earth, and who wanted to live on an airless and lifeless desert, anyway? The time had come for us to look for a new world. But we wanted it to be better than our current one. So, as soon as the technology allowed, we started building a spaceship. …

Oleg Bilokon

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